Presidents Report April 2016

Welcome to the April Presidents Report, firstly I would like to introduce myself to you all, my name is Tim Linthorne and I have been a Member and Rider of the Club for the last 6 years the last 4 of which I have served on Committee, I have taken over from Steve Perry as President for the remainder of 2016. Unfortunately due to work and family commitments Steve decided to step down as President and as the current Vice President I have stepped up into the Presidents role, we would like to Thank Steve for his time on Committee and for being President for the last 15 months. Personally I think Steve did a great job for someone who had not been involved in the Moto X world for a long period of time, hopefully we still Steve around the track from time to time.

The Executive Committee made the decision to promote Andrew Wakartschuk to the role of Vice President which he gratefully accepted.

My first task as President was to prepare for ultimately our Biggest Race Day of the year being our Annual Good Friday Race Day. Firstly a Huge congratulations to everyone involved from Track Prep, Race Entries, Donations, Facebook Promotion, Pro Riders who put on an awesome display of riding for us and to all our Members, Friends & Families that came along and supported us and helped us to raise a massive amount of $12351.45 which was donated to the RCH Good Friday Appeal this is almost double what we raised last year and we can't thank everyone enough for the effort.

A special Thanks to the Ladies in the canteen that worked tirelessly all day under extreme pressure and to Greg Wright & his little helpers Caitlyn & Neve that managed to extract a gold coin or two out of everyone entering and sometimes exiting the track.

Well Done to Everyone !

Onto Round 2 of our Aggregate Series saw another Fun Filled day of racing not quite the numbers of Good Friday but still 2 Rounds of Aggregate to go so make sure you get on board for our next Round on May 21. If you have any issues regarding the track or the Club in general please do not hesitate to contact me at and I will be happy to assist you.



Tim Linthorne

President - NDMX