Day Membership

Nunawading Motocross Club offers Day Memberships to all non-members.

A day membership costs $50.00 PER RIDER.

This includes your ride fee and allows you to ride the full day.

You do not have to be a member of MA to ride at Nunawading.

Riders must have helmet, goggles, armour, gloves, boots and ride gear. Neck braces are optional.

Please review the Scrutineering List and club Rules and Regs before your first ride so you are familiar with what is required for bike scrutineering and track etiquette.

Sessions are run in bike sizes and rider ability. Safety is our number one priority and discussions between yourself and the committee member on duty prior to your ride will ensure everyone's safety.

Sessions generally run for 20 minutes each. There is no general riding on Race Days (check calendar of events for dates).

Please download a Day Membership & Indemnity Form read and complete all details on the indemnity and application forms and bring with you to the club canteen. You will be issued a receipt and asked to fill in the Day Member sign-in sheet.

All riders under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian with them at all times.

If you would like to nominate an adult (must be over 18) to be responsible for a rider under 18 please download a “Deed to Appoint a Guardian” (Guardianship form) completed by both parties (Parent and Appointed Guardian) and presented at the club canteen.

If you have any queries, please contact us:


Scrutineering List

All machines must have and will be scrutineered for:

  • Handle bar ends must be plugged
  • Bark Busters and hand guards must be open ended
  • Levers must have ball ends
  • Side Stand removed
  • Brakes equipped front and rear and functional
  • Self-closing throttle
  • Spokes must be tight
  • Numbers on front and sides guards
  • Lights must be taped or removed
  • Wheel free-play must not be more than 3mm from centre at rim
  • Mudguards front and rear
  • Front sprocket must be guarded
  • Open exhaust pipes are not allowed
  • No loose or protruding parts
  • Kill switch must be fitted and operational