President's Message

NDMX Club News - Important Information Announcement - February 2024

Due to changes just announced by our State and National governing bodies (Motorcycling Victoria / Motorcycling Australia) and the constantly evolving insurance parameters for our sport, there are new requirements to be able to ride at NDMX.

These are effective immediately:

 - RPA (Ride Parks Australia – Ride Park Days) rides at NDMX will no longer be available.

Anyone wishing to ride at NDMX will need to have one of the following licences and be proven at time of sign in (no licence/no ride – no exceptions):

Non Competitive Licences:

  • Recreational – “One Event Recreational Licence”          1 day               $33.00
  • Recreational – “Recreational Licence”                             12 months       $151.00
  • Recreation – “Mini Licence” (4 – U16)                             12 moths         $143.00

Competitive Racing Licence (for Club Champs / other MA/MV comps)

  • Racing Licence – Junior/Senior National Licence           12 months       $331 Jnr $362 Snr
  • One Event Competition licence                                        1 day               #81.00

The above have to be purchased online through Ridernet - please see the Motorcycling Australia web site “Ridernet” to purchase: or more information at

Annual and Day Memberships to our great club, along with ride fees at NDMX remain unchanged.

We fully appreciate that this is another expense added to riding dirt bikes but is unfortunately necessary to ensure both the riders and clubs are covered by insurances.




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