1.1 To provide an opportunity for people to come together who share a common interest in the sport of Moto Cross.

1.2 To foster and develop the sport of Moto Cross in a safe and supervised environment, open to all the community.

1.3 To help people of all ages to improve the quality of their motocross skills by: -

- The learning and exchanging of skills.

- Contact with people of similar interests.

1.4 To promote and enhance co-ordination between the Association and the wider community, participate in broader networks where appropriate to further the aims of the Nunawading & District Moto Cross Club.



2.1 Abusive behaviour, consumption of alcohol during Riding Hours, smoking within the boundaries of the club and reckless or dangerous riding will not be tolerated. Any member/rider found guilty of the above may be suspended from the club until which time the Committee and Committee of Management can reconvene to decide a suitable length of time for suspension.

2.2 Any member/rider suspected of the above (2.1) may be called upon to explain actions to the Committee. Any member/rider may be suspended until the request is complied with.

2.3 Failure of members and/or riders to abide by these rules may result in imposed penalties and/or cancellation of membership.

2.4 Serious breaching of the Clubs Rules & Regulations may result in a member forfeiting their membership. Any member must attend an Association meeting if notified.

2.5 Alcohol is prohibited at the track during riding times. Any person suspected of being under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave the club immediately. Their membership will be suspended and suspension will be upheld until the Committee of Management can reconvene to vote on an appropriate length of suspension. Repeat offences may result in a lifetime membership cancellation.

2.6 No drugs or persons under the influence of illegal drugs are permitted on the premises. Any person suspected of being under the influence of illegal drugs will have membership cancelled for life.



3.1 No persons other than club members or registered Day Members are permitted to ride or take part in riding activities on the Club Grounds.

3.2 On site notices must be observed by all members and visitors.

3.3 The gazetted hours of operation must be observed.

3.4 The Official(s) on duty shall have sole control regarding: -areas of riding, allocation of times (e.g. Pee-wee riders), closure of track, any matters that may arise that are not covered by the Rules & Regulations.

3.6 Maximum bike capacity of 450cc.



4.1 New members can join on-line anytime.

4.2 Day members can still purchase on the day.

4.3 The Rules & Regulations are available at the canteen or on the website.

4.4 Potential applicants, as outlined in the membership application form, must have membership with the Ambulance Service.



5.1 Suitable clothing must be worn at all times. This includes a National Standards approved helmet, goggles, gloves, long sleeved top, long trousers, suitable footwear. (Footwear must be a recognised motocross type boot and to be of a length that must at least overlap the trousers with the rider in a racing position on the machine.) All Junior riders must wear protective body armour as outlined in the Manual of Motorcycle Sports 17.1.8.



6.1 In the interest of rider’s safety, pets are not permitted any where within the track/pit area.

6.2 Smoking is prohibited within the boundaries of the Club.

6.3 Naked flames are not permitted within 3 meters of the pit area.

6.4 Club members/visitors, other than club officials are not allowed on the track unless they are actively engaged in supervising. A person must be 16 years of age or over to enter the track unless they are for the purpose of riding a motorcycle.

6.5 The Association requests all visitors to the club assist in keeping the grounds free of litter.

6.6 If someone is concussed whilst riding they will not be permitted to ride at the track for a minimum of 2 Weeks and/or must produce a Medical Clearance certificate to resume riding at the track.



7.1 All riders must register an pay at each sign-in, before riding the track.

7.1a All riders under the age of eighteen (18) must have a parent/legal guardian or guardian (deed of appointment form required) adult with them at all times. A parent/legal guardian or guardian (as per deed of appointment form) adult must sign in riders under the age of eighteen (18).

7.2 No riding in the car park. Any rider riding in the car park will have penalties imposed.

7.3 One-way traffic will apply in a clockwise direction on the circuit at all times. The only exception will be when events require a change in direction and only with approval of the Chief Marshall.

7.4 Entry onto the track is only permitted when it is safe to do so. Riders must give way to riders already using the track. NO stopping on the track at anytime.

7.5 Entry/Exit to the track is permitted only through the pit area.

7.6 All machines must comply with a 95db ride-by at 30 meters, as required by the Environment Protection Authority.

7.7 All machines must have and will be scrutineered for: -

  • Spokes all spokes must be tight
  • Lights must be taped or removed
  • Brakes equipped front and rear and functional, without excessive travel
  • Wheel free-play must not be more than 3mm from centre at rim
  • Mudguards front and rear
  • Hand levers must have ball ends
  • Front sprocket must be guarded
  • Stand removed
  • Open exhaust pipes are not allowed
  • Self-closing throttle
  • Numbers on front and sides
  • No loose or protruding parts
  • Kill switch must be fitted and operational
  • Handle-bar ends must be plugged.
  • Metal bark busters on handle-bars must be removed

7.8 A machine found to be faulty will not be permitted to be used until declared sound and conforming to Club standards.



8.1 The following rules are supplementary to the Rules and Regulations and are applicable to Race Days at Nunawading & District Moto Cross Club.

8.2 General riding rules must be adhered to.

8.3 Entry in competition events will be restricted to up to 450cc and as recognised in 8.6. Changes of bike(s) must be advised to the Race Secretary.

8.4 Entry Forms to be submitted on line no later than the gazetted time. Late entries will be accepted and the discretion of the Committee.

8.4A Unless prior confirmation is made to the Race Secretary two (2) days prior to the event all monies will be forfeited. If prior notification is made, monies paid will be carried over to the next race meet of attendance.

8.5 Sign in/Scrutineering/Riders Briefing.

Riders must sign in and be available for scrutineering and attend Riders Briefing at the said time.

8.6 For the purposes of racing, Nunawading & District Moto Cross Club recognises classes as determined by the Committee. Classes may be combined on Race Days to accommodate reduced Rider numbers in a class at the discretion of the Chief Marshall.

8.7 Three graded riders are required to form a class.

8.8 If there are insufficient graded riders to form a class, grades may be combined with a higher or lower grade at the discretion of Race Committee.

8.9 Awards will be given for first, second and third placings.

8.10 Points scoring system as follows:


































8.11 Tie results.

For events where a tie of points has resulted, the rider who has scored the highest points in the final round will be given preference.

8.12 Grades may be combined if insufficient entries are received to constitute a class.

8.13 Grading of riders will be determined by the Grading Committee. The Grading Committee will consist of three (3) Committee members.

8.14 General Grading will take place at the discretion of the grading committee.

8.15 Meaning of Flags.

Yellow Flag - This means to slow down and hold your position. Any rider who improves his/her position or place while a yellow flag is being displayed shall be penalised or disqualified from the event.

Red Flag - All riders must stop immediately.

Green Flag - Course clear.

Chequered Flag - End of race.

Red Cross Flag - Call for First Aid.

Black Flag -When waved in front of a certain rider, the rider must leave the track immediately and report to the Marshall who flagged him/her.

Purple Flag -  Protest Flag.

8.16 Protests- Method of Protesting.

Protests on Rider and Bike Classification and Event Incidents.

Any person protesting regarding any member’s eligibility to compete at a meeting shall be lodged with the Chief Marshall of the day. Riders who are aggrieved by interference of another rider/s may protest immediately after that event in which the incident occurred, except when circumstances render this impossible.

8.17 The protest must be directed by the rider, in person, to the Chief Marshall of the day. Offenders involved will be called up to comment. The particulars of evidence by parties involved in the dispute will be entered immediately in the provided "Protest Log Book". Awards to place getters in any event where a protest is lodged may be either:

(a) dealt with immediately OR

(b) may be withheld until it has been dealt with by a Chief Marshall.

8.18 All other Protests.

All other protests regarding Program and Results etc, should be in writing to the Sports Secretary, within seven (7) days of the program in question or the results being published.

8.19 First Aid

No event or programmed day of events shall proceed without a first aid attendant being available. Emergency exits to the circuit and access roads are to be clear at all times.

8.20 Starting

Starting by mechanical drop-back gate: clutch start, both wheels to be stationary.

8.21 False Start.

False starts will be determined by the Starting Official of the day. A red flag will be immediately displayed in the event of a false start.

8.22 Holding Time at Start.

A rider may hold a start by raising his/her arm to notify the Starting Official of a problem. The Starting Official may hold the race start by two (2) minutes only, after which the rider may be considered a non-starter.

8.23 Grid Position.

Where a single row massed start is used, starting positions shall be drawn by peg ballot.

8.24 Marshalls.

Chief Marshall.

His or her aim is to maintain a high standard of safety at all times during Club activities and that all Rules & Regulations are obeyed and carried out.

Track Marshalls.

(a) Will be responsible to the Chief Marshall.

(b) Must attend all "riders’ briefings" to be clearly informed of their duties.

(c) Shall wear the appropriate uniform.

8.26 Riders Representative.

All rider representatives must be available for duty on race day. No representative - no ride (unless agreed by the Chief Marshall).

8.27 Removal of Bikes from the Pit area.

All bikes must remain within the pit area after scrutineering. Authorized removal of the machine must be given by the Chief Marshall or Official. Any rider removing their bike will be excluded from the event.

8.28 Abandonment.

If the meeting is abandoned, the results will be carried forward to the next meeting. The Committee, at their discretion, may re-schedule the race meeting to a "date to be fixed".

8.29 Aggregate.

Currently we are only running a Club Championship Series.

8.30 Club Championships.

Riders must attend a minimum of 2 rounds in Club Championships to qualify for an end of year Club Champs trophy or prize money. Double points will be awarded in the last round of the 2-dayer on the Sunday only.

8.31 Grading

Grading of riders will occur at the finalization of Round 1 Club Championship series and also at the end of the Racing Season. A rider may elect to drop down one class when moving to a bike of larger size or an older age group at the discretion of the grading committee. Refer to Racing Rules & Regulations for further clarification.



9.1 A review of the Rules & Regulations will take place on a yearly basis.

9.2 Any changes/amendments to the Rules & Regulations will be approved by the Committee of Management (Club President, Club Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer).

9.3 All members will be notified of any changes/amendments of the Rules & Regulations.

9.4 Where not stated in these Rules & Regulations the Club reserves the right to adopt Rules & Regulations as contained in the "Manual of Motorcycle Sport"

9.5 Adoption of such Rules as specified in the "Manual of Motorcycle Sport" is at the discretion of the Nunawading & District Moto Cross Committee of Management.